Haramaki – cinturinha japanese


Modinha em Tokyo: tem que ter cinturinha de vespa para usar… como as japinha secas das fotos. A peça parte de uma idéia super simples, mas que dá um super toque à roupa. Não é exatamente knitting, pois nesse caso as peças não são executadas a mão, mas poderiam ser, mega fácil de fazer! O nome da peça é Haramaki (que parece mais o nome de um sushi…). Abaixo, uma listinha funny dos motivos para usar um haramaki.

Texto da matéria da PingMag:

Here are a couple of good reasons why you should give ‘haramaki’ a try:

  • Boost your bad blood circulation you certainly have from sitting in front of this screen all day 😉 Become fit by looking good!
  • Since it really warms your whole body, you can wear less in general and don’t have to bury yourself with layers of layers of winter clothes. Besides, a ‘haramaki’ is really small, so you can easily store it in your bag and use it in case you get a little cold later on. It really makes a big difference!
  • If you have a cold and weak stomach it does wonders (men think digestion, women think about those painful days each month, party-goers think poor kidneys, and in winter time: Think of flu!)
  • Many people wear it also when they sleep since it generally comforts you and calms your body down. (So wear one the night before your next big client presentation!)
  • As it was already mentioned in the comments of our maternity design article, ‘belly warmers’ are simply the best during pregnancy!
  • When I showed mine at my yoga-class everybody screamed: I want one!
  • Protect yourself from air-conditioning issues! Perfect on board of any airplane (which is maybe why the Hobonichi ‘haramaki’ line is called ‘Hobonichi Airline’) or during summer days when the air-conditioning attacks your body! The strong cold draft certainly makes your body struggle which causes a lot of difficulty for the blood circulation. Many people develop cold kidneys but your ‘haramaki’ helps you to store the heat in the right place.
  • But apart from all these great reasons for wearing ‘haramaki’ THEY SIMPLY LOOK DEAD COOL and act as the hot accessory to spice up your outfit this winter (if not throughout the year)!



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